Greetings & thank you for visiting. I'm passionate about the digital medium. My love affair with computers & technology started in '84 after an awakening of sorts when I was 5 years old.

One day while visiting my father at work in a skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, I was placed in a chair and quickly introduced to a Macintosh computer. I was told to use the mouse, explore the menus and play around with it for a while... within minutes I was drawing, making shapes and patterns. I was completely blown away and for better or worse, I was hooked.

(* 1984 Steve Jobs & Macintosh photos sourced from


That experience, along with future explorations with Apple computers grew into a fruitful 18 year career in graphic design, book design and desktop publishing, offset printing, copywriting, then digital video, audio production, branding & identity design. Eventually I got into web design & development, information architecture, user interface design & user experience design (uX).

While working remotely for Gravitek Labs Inc, I created more than 25 websites for organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros Records, AT&T, Lifetime TV, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Berkeley Institute of the Environment & Next 10, and numerous others.

Chronic Illness

Almost 15 years of sitting at desks in front of computers creating, maintaining and overwriting things--often with a high degree of intensity and pressure--ultimately contributed to an experience of chronic illness. It brought my career to an abrupt halt. It was a blessing in disguise.

The Shift

In 2012 I started to gradually withdraw myself from the agency/corporate world and began crafting my own mission based on accumulated experiences and a passion to transform my skills into something more tangibly beneficial for myself and the planet I inhabit.

I started creating and co-creating brands and platforms with the mission of delivering science-based natural health research and mobile-web solutions engineered to effectively help Doctors, Wellness Professionals and individuals prevent and heal chronic health problems.

I believe health is wealth and that optimal health is the most fundamental, natural and sub-conscious desire for most living entities.

My goal is to help improve a billion lives before I pass on. To help empower individuals, companies, organizations and even societies to achieve optimal awareness and healthy lifestyles, is my essential aspiration. I believe that will spill over and naturally guide us to optimizing the ecosystems and natural world around us.

11 Years in India

Back when I was 15 years old I traveled to South India with my older brother. I stayed and ended up living there for a total of over 11 years, mostly in the state of Karnataka in rural or semi-rural areas.

For many of those years I lived in "ashramas," immersed in the study and practice of Vedic & Tantric culture under the guidance of a primary Guru (teacher), other guides, compassionate monks, cultured women, friends and mother nature.

When I was a young man, I thought of my "ashrama training" mostly as a spiritual pursuit.

Later in life, after learning about the causes of many chronic illnesses, I realized that my training was actually structured around several effective forms of preventive medicine that could potentially save our nation tens of billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs, and help eradicate a significant amount of human suffering and death.

I am deeply concerned about our collective health problems, sharply rising rates of chronic illnesses, and our nations' unsustainable & buckling conventional healthcare systems.

I want our children, grandchildren and descendants to live disease-free, long and healthy lives.

I co-founded Exosome Media Group Inc. with the purpose of:

  • Helping people engage in effective daily routine practice of "Lifestyle Medicine" for long-term prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, trauma and deficiency-based psychological disorders, depression etc.
  • Helping people replace destructive habits with healthy new habits
  • Helping people detox and minimize their future "toxic burden"
  • Helping people eliminate root-causes of disease

Surf Pioneering

Between 2005 and 2010 I had the privilege to help pioneer the Ashram Surf Retreat with the Surfing Swami's and Mantra Surf Club on the beautiful Malabar coast of South-West India.

This incredible group of people in India lead by the Surfing Swamis, established the Surfing Federation of India (SFI) and the National Surf Team of India, with official recognition from by the International Surfing Association (ISA), the World Governing Authority for Surfing.

India is the largest democracy on earth, home to 17% of the world population, with a long and beautiful coastline and a host of exotic outer islands.

I feel humbled, grateful and "super stoked" to have played a role in the early development of Surfing in India, the Surf Team, Mantra Surf Team and the Shaka Surf Club.

The Ashram Surf Retreat is a great example of unity in diversity -- surfing and ashram life blend quite harmoniously with the culture of stoke and wave-riding.

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